Miss Jane Austen

Miss Jane Austen

Saturday, May 14, 2016

New Release!

We are very excited to announce the RELEASE of Jane Austen Speaks: About Life, the Modern World, & Heavenly Pursuits by Maria-Emilia de Medeiros. 

In JANE AUSTEN SPEAKS, author Maria-Emilia de Medeiros “channels” the great Jane Austen from her heavenly home and allows her the opportunity to speak her mind about the modern world nearly two centuries after her passing. Readers will gain a healthy dose of wise counsel and witty advice for leading a sensible, well-mannered twenty-first century life. Jane Austen’s heavenly exploits (not to mention her recipes) will both entertain and delight you.

This book is truly a "must-have" for all Janeites and those who appreciate the work of Jane Austen!

It is available on Amazon.com in the US, UK, and Europe.


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